Fire-place mortars

Clay-stove mortarClay stove mortar

Mortar to be used indoors when building wood-fired fireplaces made on burnt bricks and when jointing flue structures. Refractory mortar is to be used in building fireplaces. Ordinary mortar is to be used in normal masonry work.
Concrete consumption on a joint of approx. 10mm. Basic brick type PT (257x123x57) approx. 0,85kg/brick. Basic perforated brick type PT (257x123x57) approx. 1,0kg/brick.

Package size: 25 kg

Fireproof masonry mortarFireproof masonry mortar

For laying firebricks used on wood-fired fireplaces indoors.
Heat resistance in excess of +1200°C.
Sack of 25kg yields 12-13 litres of ready-to-use mortar, which is sufficient for laying approx. 100 firebricks.

Package size: 5 kg or 25 kg

Fireproof casting concreteFireproof casting concrete

For parts of stoves, fireplaces, barbecues and sauna stoves requiring fire resistance. Maximum operating temperature +1300°C.
Casting thickness at least 50mm. Retains usability for 1 hour.
No reinforcement to be used with this compound.

Package size: 25 kg

Fireproof repairing compoundFireproof repairing compound

For patching cracks and holes in fireplaces.
Heat resistance +1300ºC.

Package size: 2 kg